Would You Dare to Dream?

The Chicago Dream Center strives to meet the practical needs of people while sharing with them faith, hope, and love. In this way, our goal is to lead our community toward a new life and to give individuals the hope to dream again.


We offer various programs to assist individuals and families to move toward self-sufficiency and to overcome poverty and its ill-effects.


We dedicate our lives to fighting the vicious cycle of poverty, including the forms of injustice and oppression tied to it. We want to make a difference in our community and our world even if it means reaching one life at a time.

We share faith, hope and love through holistic programs and education. Each of our ministries strive to meet physical, emotional, as well as spiritual needs. We offer food, clothing, shelter, life recovery, support groups, referrals, job searching and training.

Alongside these compassion ministries, we strive to educate ourselves and others to advocate as voices of justice.  As you look over the site, you will glimpse into issues like homelessness and human trafficking. Keep in mind there is a name behind every statistic, a face behind every name, and a story behind every face.  Challenge yourself to look deeper…

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